Debunking Common Online Casino Myths

When the Internet began to invade our homes in the 1990s, it opened up a world full of opportunities. Not only can people now easily access information and merchandise, but punters can also play casino games on gambling sites. However, like any other emerging industry, online gambling also has some misunderstandings and negative emotions. So let’s start chasing and debunk some of the common topics online casino myth.

Misunderstanding 1. Rigging game

Rigging is one of the most common complaints surrounding online casinos. But is it true that you can beat the system? First, the punter will not sit in a physical casino. Therefore, most of them think that the game is good for the house. It is correct to some extent, because all online casino games have their own advantages.

But they made up for this with RNG (Random Number Generator). The system produces millions of possible results every second. This ensures that the game results are random and there is no result manipulation. Therefore, the punter has as many chances of winning as the loser.

Myth 2. The winner is not paid

This is another problem that already exists in the world of online gambling. However, if you play in an unregulated online casino, you will only lose the victory. The best online casinos usually abide by the gambling regulations in which they operate. This includes paying the full player bonus on time. Therefore, please do proper research before trusting online casinos with money. Check the available regulators and dig some comments through the Internet.

Misunderstanding 3. Allow underage players

Incorrect! Children cannot play online casino games. Most countries prohibit people under the age of 18 from participating in land and online gambling activities. Regulated gambling sites require players to go through a strict ID verification process before depositing or withdrawing money. Therefore, unless your children use your ID and bank details, you can rest assured that they cannot participate in online real money gambling.

Myth #4. Won’t win anything

Due to fierce competition, casinos attract players by offering amazing bonus promotions. These rewards are to give players a chance to win free bonuses. However, the wagering requirements for some bonuses are not high. Some require players to place large bets before withdrawing money. Therefore, please read carefully the casino bonus terms and conditions before submitting.

Misunderstanding 5. The game freezes in a winning streak

Disgruntled players have received numerous reports that certain casino games freeze or slow down during the winning period. But this is the thing. If you are enjoying victory, the casino will be happy to let you continue the game because the house will always win in the end. In short, the more players bet, the more likely they are to lose due to the house advantage. When the game freezes, it is most likely due to bad luck or poor internet connection.

Misunderstanding 6. Can only win at certain times

This is one of the most common online casino misunderstandings of all time. Most players believe that online casino games can only be won at certain times. However, no matter where this rumor comes from, it is absolutely wrong. It may be that you are just a little cold, and then you will be lucky at a certain time. Unless that’s game design, you are most likely to win anytime, anywhere. As mentioned earlier, RNG is the main determinant, not peak hours.